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For gamers, as more people are interested and plan to play the game, it means more competition to the top and overall challenge. One of the highest competence is expected the race to the maximum level when the doors first opened SWTOR. With that said, as increased competition is expected, players who are serious about competition are practically devouring new game information, hints and tips for weeks or sometimes even months before the game is released.

Knowing the background of the game, which is built, the mechanics and the game's features in detail goes a long way in the race to the level cap starts. One of the first questions to ask is what is the level cap and the amount of experience needed to reach the next level. Next would be, how is exactly what you earn experience faster leveling and how to win them. Then, to further deepen what is the game developed based on? Is designed to emphasize quest based leveling? If so, what are the best yields of missions experiences and what ways are there to complete missions quickly? As demonstrated here, so many questions quickly appears as soon as you start taking the competition seriously.

As such, one might almost say that hardcore gamers are ambitious and practically glued to the Internet looking and waiting for the latest information shared by game developers, maybe some veterans leaks or theories on how to level faster in the game. Therefore, this applies to all kinds of information about the game gives each MMORPGs, all aspects of the game relates and interacts with all other aspects. You might wonder, what does it mean to know a certain kind and is related to the rapid leveling. As a matter of fact, these are two closely related concepts. Each class and advanced class in Star Wars the Old Republic are designed to be unique with unique skill trees gamers can specialize on. Knowing that skill is most effective against the monster that pretty much goes a long way to meet promptly for leveling experience. So does realize what bonuses each class-specific armor or weapon has for your character.

So, for serious gamers, can not emphasize enough the importance of doing a lot of research and homework is before jumping into the game. Even an unproven theory and the tip of a veteran is much better than spending hours in trial and error. It would be interesting to see how heated the competition gets to stand out from the crowd, to be the first to reach the maximum level or the first to kill a certain boss will go as Star Wars The Old Republic is officially released.