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Poker is a name used for a group of several card games. In most cases where gambling is to overcome the lamps and other players. The history of poker itself is really a matter of debate. It has been claimed that played Germany in the 15th century, but some say it looks a lot like a Persian card game. Most popular poker game is Texas Hold 'Em.

The History of Texas Hold 'Em is not completely lost Poker as their father. It is said that Texas Hold 'Em was the first who played Robstown, Texas back in the 1900s. It was soon after introduced to Las Vegas. After that spread like wildfire and within a few droughts became the game as we know it today. These "droughts" were advertising low of tournaments around the 80. It took a while, but now professional poker is a very popular sport. In fact, there are two major tournaments that are on TV now. This is the WPT and the PAS. It is most popular in casinos and also due to the strategy that you can put in your bets. So there is some history of Texas Hold 'Em. Now let's get exactly how to play the game.

To start it off the dealer passes two cards to each player. Players have a betting round. Once the bettting is the dealer puts three cards face down. This is called the flop. Players make another round of betting based on the possibility that think they have to beat the other players. Another card is layed after that round of betting. This is called rotation. Again players have a round of betting. Then the last card is layed. This last card is called the river. Players have a betting matchup to see who wants more. This is done until both players call or go all-in (like other poker games). There are a number of combinations you can do with your two base cards and cards Delt to beat your opponents. Interact much with playing cards except Yatzee. The whole strategy of making the decision to retire or go for it with the lantern is amplified in this game too. So if you want to play Texas Hold Em 'after reading this, but you do not have anyone to play with guess what? You have people to play with. Millions in fact. I'm talking about online poker. It's a fun way to play against others from the comfort of your home. You can play for fun or for real money.