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Caribbean Stud Poker

Akin and 5 Card Stud Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino table game play against the casino. Unlike poker, deception plays no role in the game, the dealer must play all his or her hands.

The standard unit of betting in Caribbean Stud is called the bet and each player must place this bet if you want to play a hand. ERST the bet is in place, the dealer announces no more bets are allowed before handing 5 cards to himself and the rest of the players are in the game. While each player is dealt five cards face down, the dealer is dealt four cards face down and one card face only. It's against the rules to talk about the cards you are holding during a hand. Each player must decide whether to raise or fold based on your hand and the dealer upcard.

Optimal strategy of playing for the game states that a player should double the initial bet with any pair and discard any bottom.

The final decision and payment is based on a traditional poker hand to decide the winner.

Caribbean Stud is believed to have been first played in a hotel in the Caribbean islands, hence the name Caribbean Stud.
As is the case with any web-based game, you must understand all aspects of the game you are thinking of playing to make sure you give yourself the best chance of success - or in the case of Caribbean Stud, the better chance of beating the dealer and the house well.

As with any other casino game, Caribbean Stud is fast paced and furious, so constantly alert to play as you could lose money by allowing yourself to be distracted. No play at the casino tables fast, full of action without the full knowledge of what you're getting into, as this can be a recipe for disaster.

To increase your knowledge on Caribbean Stud, a simple search on Google will show one of the many websites dedicated to those interested in learning more about the game. You have the opportunity to see strategy articles, tables and an abundance of possibilities other information related to the game of Caribbean Stud Poker.