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Poker is played with many variations that make up the different types of games. One of the most exciting poker games and Stud Poker is popular. The difference lies in the way the cards are dealt. In most poker games the cards are dealt both face up and face down. In Stud Poker, the player starts betting can change in different rounds of betting. The first bet is called by the player with one card face up and one hole card is present. From the hole until the cards ace in the hole expression came into existence.

This has variations and games popular stud poker is called the five-card and seven card poker.
Five Card Stud Poker:

The five-card poker became popular in the time of the American Civil War and in a very short period of time became world famous. In the five-card poker, most cards are visible which makes it very easy for players to understand their strength. This method of judging that makes the game very different from the modern Stud Poker.

The merchant at first distributed the cards to the players sitting to the left of it and then moves clockwise. In the five-card poker, players have two hole cardâEUR (TM) s one up and the other is face down. Door card is the reference given to the cards face up. The player with the lowest card starts the betting game, what is known as bringing bet or forced bet. Since the game doesnâEUR (TM) t continue the game, which seems to be rare. The suits are maintained throughout the alphabetical order. At first track swords hearts, diamonds and clubs. In five-card game, the clubs are in the lowest rung of the game. The suit has no role to play after the start of the first betting.

7 Card Stud Poker:

During the last half-century, seven card poker has been very famous and still enjoys the status of being one of the most popular games of the U.S. East Coast and elsewhere. Using wild makes the game very interesting, because you can change the game in many different ways.

This game is played to win a large sum of money that you try to do flushes, straights, etc. The amount players put into the game was decided in the beginning of the game, and only after the game starts. At first, the dealer distributes three cards of the players and the person who received the lowest card call the first bet. In 7 card poker, clubs are in the lowest rank followed by diamond, hearts and spades. Only there are five betting rounds in 7 Card Stud Poker.